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So much to blog, so many blogs written and ready to be published! I’ve been away taking care of some educational and lifestyle moves, but am pleased to inform my followers that more is coming soon, and at a more consistent basis as started out. Please bear with me, blogging about these issues brings me much joy, just knowing that knowledge is being spread and conversations are being made makes my world! Thank you for continuing to follow the Hued flower blog, peace and love to all!




What is life when we don’t have anything to challenge our own beliefs. Could we live if life had no pleasures and no pain. We survive off both and couldn’t live if we had neither. We find ourselves in need of that balance and depending on which end of consequence we are, we feel a need to avenge the loss to our ego or spirits. Even when we have everything, we may feel we have nothing because we crave something to strive for. No matter the size, how it magnifies to our need to have destiny is overwhelming. Which is why failure and loss can hurt to so many of us who accept it as dead weight to a vision. Some people can survive these obstacles by acknowledging what they have to be grateful for whether it be within themselves or existing in their outer manifestations.

I truly believe that mankind has dumbed down because of the overwhelming need to survive off of anything besides our own breath. We are pleasure seekers, whether it be for our own gain or the happiness we gain when we do for others. Life’s up’s and downs are why we have pleasure today, we can find instant pleasure anywhere. When we no longer look into ourselves but a computer screen with tons of games, video’s, social media sites, etc, we become disconnected with who we are. Just to be clear, as most people don’t understand, who we are is not what we do, it is what we accepted we can become. That, in essence could be anything. The computer, the games, the phone, all stores your life and others for you. It creates your idea of life as it gives you something to do.

To be clear, there is nothing wrong with using technology! What I’m driving to, is that we must remember our potential and explore all that we are with open embrace. We all have a good, bad, in between side, as well as personalities based on different situations we are in.

For instance, we are starting to get to know someone, we are hanging with them and maybe feel, – Lola is so laid back and down to earth. Then one day you and Lola go to the local mall to pick out some music, and you see her in the death metal section while your browsing the neo soul section. That may draw more assumptions on the first one you already made.

When we are getting to know each other, it’s important we keep an open mind and allow someone’s personality to speak to you, instead of trying to assess it before you’ve seen them at their best and worst moments. We are free to accept what we will and choose who we are willing to be associated with, however when we don’t know ourselves we tend to be closed and intolerant to others. Just keep in mind, how we act and have acted, and our thoughts during our own experiences with life. We tend to expect forgiveness and acceptance for our own actions yet don’t forgive or accept others.

Our pleasures for life need to be put in check. There are too many people who get discouraged and even take their own lives because life isn’t going their way, or in other words they ran out of or are craving a certain pleasure they don’t have. It’s important we delve into our own essence of happiness so that when tough times come we can survive them by way of self gratitude, appreciation and thanking whoever we see as the higher power for our lives. Uplift our self awareness so we can avoid those moments of regret, and insert those moments of acceptance and growth.

Anyone claiming to know it all and done it all is a fool. If we remain stubborn and blind to the small things that seem insignificant, how can we get a true understanding without the details of the bigger picture. That as anything goes two ways, the big and the small that make up all. We are small but enormous in the energy of potential as the bees we can’t survive without. Be glad you are apart of the incredible master piece called life, any detail of your life can effect others without them even knowing you. Inspiration comes in all fashions of nature. When we find ourselves okay with letting go of what we have depended on that seems to give us a life, we can discover life itself.

How is whatever you’ve obtained helping you advance? Yes some things do help us, but if we are acting like klepto’s for things that make us look good and feel good until they are gone, we aren’t building up ourselves, instead we are neglecting it. We know what happens to things we neglect, they are either gone, need repairing, and sometimes need complete rebuilding.

Depending on when we adopt material things as life, we can find that some of us are spiritually immature infants. They maybe the ones who never have an answer to their own problems, they seek nourishment and reassurance from others. It’s okay, they just need to take the first step by being honest with themselves so they can seek their own personal history. Once we know where we are and have been, we can heal and grow. Sound familiar to another post much? Lol….history is not to be ignored when we have yet to heal from what we haven’t come to understand by way of authentic truth.

~ Peace and Love

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