I don’t have the most time to blog like I want to, so I moved to youtube blogging! I do cuss a bit but it’s all in love! I’ve also moved past the magnifying of a system we all know has made clear to us it is against us. So my subject matter has grown onto conversations that can lead people to broader and more intensive views of themselves that encourages growth. The goal is to open people up on personal levels, as talking about the global spectrum can be overstood when we can see how it is directly effecting us. This is a new method, I’m a little awkward on camera, however it will work well for right now. 


After The Trayvon Martin Case: Black On Black Crime?

Note to reader: I almost didn’t share this post because my head is in major storm mode…This may come off a little cloudy, however it is all from the heart. Hopefully if anything is unclear, we can further discuss in the comment section.

Why are we as black people turning the Trayvon Martin case into one about our own crimes against one another? What too many are falling for is the fact that there is no such thing as white on white crime, Mexican on Mexican crime, Asian on Asian crime, but there is a such thing as black on black crime. The term can be used a double edge sword, but before you push it any further through your own people, ask yourself who has created this sword?

The reason there is only the term black on black crime isn’t because one day we got fed up with the overwhelming crime in our neighborhoods, it is the crimes against our people that caused this to happen in the first place. Our neighborhoods weren’t always ghettos, and we owned many successful businesses during segregation. With that reason alone crime was low because if you have a job, income, and as an adolescent a place to lay your head, your doing alright. During those times of segregation unity was alive, we had parks and activities within our communities, perhaps not all but majority of them were okay. [Here is a link to an example of destruction in the black community:] Even after these times blacks were being educated and doing great things with their lives that weren’t publicized. What too many don’t know is when slaves were set free, they were arrested if they didn’t have a job especially in the dirty south where whites were still keeping former slaves and paying them almost nothing or not at all creating debts, or not hiring blacks [period].

That in itself is keeping one at bay by another’s expense and that on its own began the prison systems attack on the black family. Then in the 70’s- 80’s drugs were introduced into our communities which destroyed families and then came the hustlers and pimps. The way the oppressors do this is in a sneaky fashion. During the 80’s being “bad” was what everyone wanted to be, respect was something people killed for. Scarface was big during that time as well as many other Godfather like movies.

The fact that history books were teaching people that everybody but whites were savages in ancient and even modern times by supposed fact stating and insinuation, leaves the school system as poison. Educating children that blacks were slaves and nothing else is insinuating that that’s all they were and can be. A child has a blank slated mind, and when they are taught history, they are being taught an example of who and how to be.

Those of us who feel they cannot become the white image are those who turn to the streets and we get violence. This is also what created some blacks need to fit into white culture, their own didn’t result in much accomplishment economically or socially as far as they were taught. And what do many of our parents teach us, go get a job, get money, get educated to get money…and so on. It is money driven, as though that would solve all of our problems. It only aggravates young people when we find not enough of us gain the same opportunities as a select few, when being an entertainer seems to be the only way to get big checks, when we don’t love each other for who we are naturally, we combat ways to run away from ourselves to be more like whites. Even those who have been successful can’t go up on stage somewhere and speak on the real issues in the black community without any apology or losing their means.

All of this plus so much more is what creates infected minds at birth, once the system has been set in place we teach our children the same destructive lies we’ve been taught. This black on black crime is a result of constant attack on blacks within their communities. Yes their have been attempts by many whites or blacks to help the community, however many and damn near all were nothing but band-aids placed a deeper issue.

Our mentality has been taken over, the way some of us think have left too many of us as complainers who don’t solve problems. Too many of us don’t trust one another. Malcolm X was on some deep knowledge that Dr. King began to understand towards the end of his life. Dr. King has even been quoted saying that he maybe bringing his people into a burning house via desegregation. The issue with desegregation was that it created certain divisions within our community which has dwindled our unity down.

Until the supremacy stops, we can’t possibly regain our love and trust for one another when they are controlling how we live. So what we must do is continue our relations with our peers who maybe white, but educate ourselves and dedicate some of our time to being a leader for the children. It’s important that we keep those who support what we do closer than those who don’t. Being someone who is for your rights in a world where its easier to go along with the system can be challenging, however if we recognize and support those who do we can make big things happen. Small feats that will manifest into larger ones are what we must focus on. Starting our own educational community centers and even community corner stores can bring jobs and money into your community. It will take all of our commitment to make this happen. As much money as some of us spend on our hair, expensive cars, and electronics, we can put together and open our own community services. We can do it old school to and have meetings inside our homes, neighborhood cook outs don’t happen like they used to.

We need to learn to love each other again, whether by friendship or commitments. Once we can understand the confusion and madness surrounding the downfall of our current state of community, we can understand ourselves. Some of us are insecure and don’t feel good enough. Whether you’re a black woman who feels less beautiful than another, we need to seek our inner beauty and have faith in who we are. As a black man you must find the worth within yourself to become a successful man and provider by accepting your own talents and run with them. Black men, please begin to see how the black women has been torn down. Black people heal from the stories of abuse, rape, and social judgment. I know many sacred women and men who love themselves and none of them could have until they accepted and understood the social and economic struggle of black people.

Lastly, after all of this going on about the madness within the community caused and aggravated by our oppressors, I hope some of us can see what black on black crime is. Just to be clear if it isn’t by now, black on black crime exists in our minds. Whatever we believe will be, if we believe the lies about ourselves, that we only destroy each other with no reason, and we should be exploited by whites for the crimes they did and do, then I guess it exists. Crime is crime, the mentality of white supremacists that feel the need to rule and destroy is what has created this issue. I advise those reading to check out the video below. I am not Muslim but I do listen to those who speak the truth about the struggle.