My Experience: Self Love, Life, and God

My Experience shared on the subject of Self Love.




I don’t have the most time to blog like I want to, so I moved to youtube blogging! I do cuss a bit but it’s all in love! I’ve also moved past the magnifying of a system we all know has made clear to us it is against us. So my subject matter has grown onto conversations that can lead people to broader and more intensive views of themselves that encourages growth. The goal is to open people up on personal levels, as talking about the global spectrum can be overstood when we can see how it is directly effecting us. This is a new method, I’m a little awkward on camera, however it will work well for right now. 

Hued Flower to Return Shortly…

So much to blog, so many blogs written and ready to be published! I’ve been away taking care of some educational and lifestyle moves, but am pleased to inform my followers that more is coming soon, and at a more consistent basis as started out. Please bear with me, blogging about these issues brings me much joy, just knowing that knowledge is being spread and conversations are being made makes my world! Thank you for continuing to follow the Hued flower blog, peace and love to all!

Buy Black

ImageAfter the Trayvon Martin case, there has been a lot of pain added to an already brewing pot of struggle in the African American community. It has opened up an increased amount of big and small revolutionary contributions. It has reached into the minds of major industry artists who have decided to boycott Florida until the stand your ground law is abolished as well. It has reached deep into many if not most bloggers in some way, some have even decided to participate in some of many boycotts. A fellow comrade/blogger, Kushite Prince, emailed me along with others to write and participate in a buy black campaign/boycott against major white owned sellers. When I first read it, I decided this would be an extraordinary thing, if all participated. The blog was to be posted on August 1st, however due to upcoming events, I won’t be able to have access and time to blog, so as you see I’ve posted today. 

I hope every black man and woman in America will support and think about this boycott, as it can become even bigger than a boycott, but rather an economic rise in our communities overall. Who do you think of when you hear the word “hood”? Was your answer someone of color or people of color? We have been at the shorter end of the capitalistic stick for much too long, and because of this our children and families suffer. We as a people have some work to do, and this may sound surprising, but most of the work is to be done within. The other work as far as creating jobs and supporting black businesses will come after we’ve realized what’s going on, as it reflects our inner thoughts and reasoning.
Let’s take the time to examine a small bit of our own behaviors and become educated on ourselves, personally and socially. Why do we tend to ask what seems the same questions when it comes to “making it”? We often ask things like, why don’t we support each other?, Why do we destroy our own community? Supporting each other comes at a price many of us claim to not afford, yet we will run to Walmart to buy junk and expensive hair care products at the hair store (owned by Asian’s no less). Too many of us focus too much on looking good, by way of dress or having things to floss with, that we neglect our own behaviors, which our children are modeled after. Some of us are stuck in these fantasy ways of living, or temporary fixes that allow us to appear great for a short time before we’re back to being humble when our hair is a mess or our shirt isn’t so fly anymore.
So what do we do when there are those similar to what was just described? We need to worry about ourselves, we become the example or trend of success when we decide to take responsibility for our own success on a realistic level that doesn’t have us contained in the white corporate world. Why can’t we have our own corporations that do what a corporation should do for it’s people, such as a jobs to citizens with fair pay and benefits?

We can dig and try at our way to doing these big things in America, however what if we connected with the other (more than) half colored and African folk who are suffering the same or worse crimes by the system as us? I hear many people these days talking about moving to Africa. How many have heard of Africom? I’ve been bringing up that exploitive plot with my close friends for a while, If you aren’t completely hip to it, it is pretty much America using Africa for its oil resources by claiming security reasons for being there. Not to mention, many other foreign countries are doing or have been doing the same.
Why is it okay, this time again in history, for Whites and those of non African Origin to capitalize on something that isn’t theirs? If you are of African or Native American origin in America, you are being capitalized on just as your ancestral forefathers have during slavery. Lets not forget to mention that you as a person of African descent have history that traces back to America before Caucasians even knew what a ship was. However, at this point in time returning to Africa and reconnecting with our people to take a bigger step together will change Black life forever. Which may be one of the few ways and windows of opportunity we will have to escape this system.
Many African American’s have been fed lies and false images of Africa, some still think of it, almost, as one country and assume the Giza dessert and Ghana rainforest are representative to all geography you can find there. Below I will post a link to an African American woman’s video blog of her life in Africa. Besides checking her out, do some research on growing businesses, and opportunities Africa offers, it’s something to think about. Some of us think America and anywhere where white people reside are the only places you can find educated black people, think again. There are many African men and women who have wonderful ideas and innovative businesses that may only need the right person who knows how to market well in America or Europe. And that quick example goes both ways. – Black owned business fb page – starting off help -Black Business Directory – vid/testimony of life in Namibia Africa