Hued Flower to Return Shortly…

So much to blog, so many blogs written and ready to be published! I’ve been away taking care of some educational and lifestyle moves, but am pleased to inform my followers that more is coming soon, and at a more consistent basis as started out. Please bear with me, blogging about these issues brings me much joy, just knowing that knowledge is being spread and conversations are being made makes my world! Thank you for continuing to follow the Hued flower blog, peace and love to all!

Understanding This Generation [To an Extent]

It seems although I am still a young 24, there is a huge difference in my generation and the one out now. It seems the children of today are more grown and disrespectful than the last generation. I believe it is due to what maybe the pinnacle of a lost people. Although many are becoming more aware of the underlying racial gestures and laws, still so many youth are stuck on the spectacles and scandals of the world wide entertainment industry. When I was growing up I saw my mom stand up for my siblings and I while going to predominately white schools where we were at times treated indifferently. I also heard stories from the elders in my family about liberating moments they’d had or witnessed. So looking at today’s children, what do they have to look to besides negative news stories of innocent black men and women being punished or harmed unjustly. [ex. Troy Davis & Trayvon Martin.] To add there is an amount of adults who aren’t talking with their children about these stories and educating them with honesty.


I feel if we feel our kids are grown enough to wear short shorts or expensive True Religion jeans, why can’t they be educated on the truths of the world even in an introductory fashion. I think we’ve lost many of our leaders among our parents who rather go to the club with their daughter or smoke with their son. This is not to assume every parent is this way, this is simply what I’ve witnessed. I think some parents who are like this have gave up the fight or have not recognized it themselves because it is so easy to feel free with a black president and a MLK monument. The system hasn’t changed, its just taken on a new disguise that some of us have noticed and others feel those who’ve recognized it are into conspiracies. Nothing conspiring when people are bidding on corporate prisons, when black history books are being rid of, when we believe the lies in our outdated history books, and to add, when tv and movie roles for black heroic men and women are limited. Another thing that is crazy, is in some point of time people weren’t afraid to rewrite books and discover new, now if we go any further publicly it may reveal an inconvenient truth those in power aren’t ready for. The natural hair movement is doing the most for women of color positively because of the liberation it is giving young women. The only issue I’m seeing possibly forming is that black women are being put on a pedestal a little more than black men who are being targeted criminally. This I feel can lead or is leading to a trend in black women marrying white men and vice versa. I have no personal issue with race mixing but I feel when the black man and woman of America aren’t stable in our own conditions as a whole how much can we bet that these relationships are genuine because a black woman or man can now say a white man or woman wants them. With light skin and whites still on the pedestal of beauty and intelligence, I don’t buy many of the relations I see some people have. Someone who loves you, wants you to know who u are and the truth of that. This is just my opinion, not trying to ruffle any feathers, I have mixed relatives. This is just me saying that lets not talk about not seeing color and trends, let’s educate ourselves and our youth to be free in their mind before they fall for these false freedoms. In America it seems freedom is a trick, how many of us really know what freedom is when who we are is being challenged. Color and race is real, mixing doesn’t mean you’ve solved or beat the racial issues that our system is riddled with, when the system changes then see who loves who. Lastly ask yourself or those around you, why is change okay, and why acceptance isn’t accepted?