My Husband Used A Racial Slur Towards Me…Should I Leave? [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

I wonder how many have experienced this type of thing…

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In today’s Yolanda’s Take, a listener writes in saying her white husband used a racial slur towards her. Furthermore saying his family could have owned her. The listener says off by saying that they live a picture perfect life otherwise. He wines and dines her and she can’t afford to leave her lifestyle, but she still wants Yolanda’s advice. Listen to the audio to hear why Yolanda says she needs to talk to her pastor!

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2 thoughts on “My Husband Used A Racial Slur Towards Me…Should I Leave? [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

  1. I know two black men that were called n*gger by their white wives. And I had a black female co worker who was called a “nappy headed n*gger” by her husband. So I know this really does happen. Black people tend to believe that just because someone has sex with you doesn’t mean that can’t be racist. hat’s a very silly mistake to make. We need to wise up!!

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