B[Lack] Support, Which Are We Going To B?

This morning I began wondering why the black community lacks support when it comes to those like myself who are comfortable with conscious conversations on the systematic oppression blacks face globally. I mean why wouldn’t you support those who are becoming enlightened and share what they’ve come to know as the truth by definition? With so many issues boiling in the black community, there are a lot of forces which cause confusion and division that is not necessary. Whether it be by religion, money, and politics, we all stand somewhere in between. Sometimes our stand for these things are stronger than our stand with each other. Not knowing what we are standing for will hold no support to us even as we’ve been convinced it empowers us. If money, religion and politics are being regulated by the very same people who have enslaved us, and continues to by way of these three entities themselves, how much can we rely on these devices to rise? Whatever devices we use to rise must be truth based, because fighting a lie with more lies won’t fix the problem. All three entities must be reset and conducted by us in order to ever be for us. Still so many have yet to see it this way living in the matrix of what agreements, laws and stipulations have been made rather than going on what is right for all.

Those who don’t support black leaders tend to feel as though there’s no use in trying because we watched so many other black leaders fall in their attempts for freedom. What they fail to understand is we must stand together as a single unit and quit electing one man to fight a an entire peoples battle. We all have a part to do, not to say we can’t follow our black leaders, as some are born leaders, but we need to become the leaders anywhere from our households to our cities. That is true support for one another, including those sacrificing their physical lives and freedom via jail and execution.

So many of us feel we become unfair when our focus is mainly on the black community, as though we are acting too black. I guess this means some of us get nervous of our own selves when we become “too” empowered. Some of us feel the need to continue to protect our oppressors, even as they take our men and women [sexually, prison, war], brainwash our children [via entertainment], experiment on us [research black experimentation]. And continue to make us feel inferior by refusing to include us into basic and superior opportunities of advancement.

There are some who will become defensive of their white idols if any black man or woman they label as “radical” goes on to enlighten them about white supremacy. They usually don’t see how their own friends don’t even respect them as the black man or woman they are. Comments like, How does your hair do that, I don’t know why black men always talk to me, Do you play basketball, Why do you look angry, may seem innocent until you realize how many whites have asked or made comments on similar things. One thing I notice is when white women talk to black women they tend to move their hair a lot, especially when discussing the subject of hair. I dare any black woman or man reading this to engage in a conversation about hair with a white woman and see if she doesn’t start waving her hair around. They seem to do this as a way of reconfirming what they see as their beauty in hopes for a response or compliment that will give them some assurance to the false belief that they are the look. They do little things like this to check black people and sometimes each other when they are insecure.

Those who are defensive to these points and others feel the things they think or hear white people say about us is true without justice. Some really believe all black men and women are lazy, dumb, criminals, whores, etc… And because of these false beliefs that are constantly entertained they become embarrassed of their blackness and do all they can to disassociate themselves from the community. They may be the type to claim to be mixed, always wear their hair in European forms, speak with their noses up, and some even may bleach their skin. All of this due to how they were programmed to believe what we’ve been sold since we were children, white princesses (unless you’re a frog), white only (male) super heroes, white “leaders” who lead the Euro people into battle (invasion) with the Native peoples of the “New World” (as though we needed this new thing!), and white intellects (any person made to be taken seriously). We get placed into all not so stereotypical, but strategic placements in entertainment, even as we have a hidden and lost history of everything the whites claimed to have discovered in early years of science, technology, fitness, medicine and entertainment, to name a few.

This lack of knowledge is surely what will keep us divided and I haven’t even gotten past the surface. Once again I’m not white hater, I really feel that us as black people need to make all necessary changes for a better future. Remaining okay with these issues won’t help us heal and grow, we need to know what the truth is so we can break the shackles of this mental slavery that got so many of us lost and going crazy. Doing the same things we’ve done and expecting a different result is insanity. Too many of us do the same and fall in the same traps. I personally cannot look at my future child and tell he or she that they are free when they are not. We need to decide to reeducate ourselves so we can develop working plans to reform the system. This won’t start until we come together as one and commit ourselves to our human rights, and that includes our entire well being not just economic means.


7 thoughts on “B[Lack] Support, Which Are We Going To B?

  1. Very rich post. I have used it to ask myself some tough questions. (Never a dull moment.) I will write a post as a comment, because different issues come up. Peace.

  2. I often wonder what the problem is with Black people. I have over the years come to the same conclusion; self-hatred and lack of knowledge of self. In essense our slate was wiped clean during and after our enslavement. With a blank slate they were able to write anything on it and we were powerless to do anything but move to someone else’s dictations. Also, we have to address the rampent mental illness that WE ALL suffer from. And, in fact, the mental illness needs to be the first thing addressed as nothing will stick to a sick mind and I am living proof of that.

    We have been lead astray by so many, for so long we have not one clue which direction is the right dirrection. Sitting right here, right now I don’t know which is the true direction. I do however, know that we need to address our war weary minds and allow then to heal. We need to understand that Black culture is not what we think it is, but something much more and by now, completely foreign to us all.

    The Lawd ain’t gonna do it, nor sex or money, not even some drug. We gonna have to do this and a lot ain’t gonna make it and not all should. We gonna need to cut the cancer out and start over. I probably won’t see it in my lifetime as anti-Blackness is the vogue right now.

    Thank you sis for thought provoking article and maybe we can get this done in due time.

    Thank you No Black Pete for directing us this way.

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