Happy Forth! (moving forward)

Today I posted a bit of a lengthy status on where I’m at personally on this day in his(story), as I know it means so many different things to those in America. Please comment and add what today means or doesn’t mean to you!Image


Today is a day of reflection for me. So much has happened in such little time and at first I didn’t understand why until recently when I took the time to look back and see what the most high was really doing. 

The things that have happened have literally saved my life and I didn’t have a clue until I found myself startled at the thought of how close I was to not making it. My push for growth has been something I’ve had since I was a child and today I’m happy where I’m at. I found love in myself, in others and now I am using what I’ve learned to make a change. 

Whatever others think is irrelevant and whatever they feel is what they must live with. So instead of worrying about others thoughts or feelings about me, I decided to focus on my own thoughts and feelings. In knowing who I am as a black woman I feel a greater ability in self acceptance, I love my chocolate skin and coily hair! Who I am goes deeper than my appearance which has allowed me to see myself as the physical manifestation I am. My body is perfect because my soul said so! 

I truly pray others see the same in themselves, give themselves that freedom to no longer allow others to place their value. When our feelings are hurt by a rude comment it is their pain they are transferring to us that we don’t own. I see them…

Celebrating my life as it is so far and my own independent thought!

Peace & Hotep!


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