Ridding The Black Shame

It’s incredible to me how so many black people are so focused on the racism yet some don’t even know how to go against it because they don’t even realize the depth of it themselves. It can all fall simply into the idea of right is right and wrong is wrong, however its much more complex than that. Some black folk feel ashamed of their blackness, may even deny it but actions speak burrowing depths often unrecognized. When we make jokes like “they’re on black people time”, it puts us into a category and a place of judgment. Those jokes come from resentful places that some of us haven’t addressed. We have hatred within our own community, which gives white people an excuse to feel treating us the way they do is ok. Sadly some of us will agree like a house nigger. I wont say what needs to be done, instead I will give my theory on how we can get past these issues.

Firstly self love is the first thing some of us need to focus on. By learning about our true history which you can look up at https://www.blackandnobel.com/books.asp?subcat=Knowledge among many other websites, we can gain a better understanding of our current state of mind. YouTube is a great source as well. When seeking the knowledge I recommend going through black authors and entities for your research to avoid commercial notions and ideas that keep us oppressed. Be open with who u are naturally, the good and bad must be accepted before we can heal and grow. In other words, take responsibility for ourselves only before we point a tainted finger.

Once we gain the knowledge [SN: because theres a lot to be proud of!] and self love develops and flourishes, we can begin to find where we belong in this world, with the system perceived separately from our own possibilities. When we see who we truly are we begin to see ourselves in others, and feelings and ideas don’t become taboo. Being who you are wont require question or explanation, being individual wont be dictated by egotistical gains. Once we activate that knowledge, we become ok with those in our communities because understanding the system for what it is will come easy. Not to say we shouldn’t be active in developing a better community and letting people get away with unjust things, but by knowing why, we become a tool for progressive solutions.

We can see the sickness so many of us are riddled with in our own self sabotaging ways powered by the world wide oppressors. Life is our right, and I think some of us forgot this because we are so focused on getting money. Who does money control, and what type of woman or man does that make us when it does? Our own inventions shouldn’t be reason for so many dying and living without any of the resources in their own backyards. Ex. Africa and their goods. They have the most resources in the world yet so many people there don’t have anything. And now Obama and other countries are teaming up to rape Africa even further. The more we see these things the more useful we become to ourselves due to the fact we wont be victims to everything that was created in this systematic oppression.

By investing in the knowledge of self we won’t carry shame for who we are any longer. Our westernized history is apart of us and will always be even as some people feel we need to move on, but the fact that anyone suggests this is just as disturbing as us not being able to move forward from what we think we know. The reason so many of us are stuck on slavery is because we subconsciously wonder what else we were or could have been. We carry that pain as though we went through it then and are products of an accomplishment. We are to a certain degree if the Tea Party is a more friendly name for the KKK! Nothing has changed, we’ve been tricked by way of our self destructive mentalities, which is why some of us feel stressed and tired. It’s a constant battle that we can only win when we learn and research who we were not just what we’ve become.


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