Faith means something to all of us in some form or shape, whether it is in our hopes of an easy going day or someone we love making it out of a medical trauma. For me, at times my faith gets shaken due to things that are out of my control that I wish I had a better hand in when it comes to the inevitable outcome. In one of my thought tangents I began to think about what faith means, as broad as it is, can it be summed up? I want every post I write to contribute to the human spirit in some way by ugly or beautiful truth and perspective. Truth being only what we agree to, to me feelings are the only reality that cannot be argued upon. But I came up with what made sense and that is, Knowledge + Love = Faith. Faith is a way of knowing, and we may ask – in knowing what? I think when we love something we have our feelings to back what only we know. Faith is a very spiritual thing because it resides in our ability to love and come to know a higher being or self that we can’t describe because of its massive ability to touch our lives everyday and in that, everyday we survive. Every person is a contribution to our future, as we borrow and use ideas and devices that help us to survive. The fact we are all here and created what we see now is amazing in itself . I hope that from this idea some of us can grow and build on our own character and our outputs to the world. What can we give today that was taken yesterday?
Sharing this video above because I hope and I have faith that we as a people keep our emotions alive. With the world as it is, we need to be honest with ourselves so some of us can stop the dishonesty to each other.


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