The Attack on Blacks and What We Must Do

I don’t know if it’s just me but it seems there are more stories on the news that seem to be attacking black people. Whether it be by ridiculous laws or bans, [ ex.] there needs to be a stop to the madness. Most of us already know that black people do not commit anymore crimes than whites yet still get targeted. [ Read more -The New Jim Crowe by Michelle Alexander] One should wonder if it is a threat that causes such intense racial profiling rules and regulations besides financial loss. To use a people at such expenses is wild to me, yet I’m well aware of the difference between my energy and a white persons. As a people we tend to live more intensely, by which I mean we speak, express, have more athleticism and create at a different level than most others. We intimidate white people a lot more easy than they can intimidate us, Which brings me to our history. We [Moors] were the first to bring knowledge to the Europeans who lived uncivilized and though debated were those who took major part in Greek establishment [Read more- The Black Athena by Martin Bernal].

This making us ahead of the rest of the world, I think many of us need to understand that we were not only materialistically ahead but spiritually. Our origins of spirituality are very pertinent to what we had the ability to do physically. I do not debunk the mysteries of alien life but I also do not debunk the possibility in the African people to have done what we still see today such as the pyramids. As far as the arguments to who the Ancient Egyptians were, I think it’s incredibly useful for those reading to watch Hidden Colors part 1 & 2 for a better understanding. Regardless of who they were if we can see that time as one when those of color were in power of the ancient world, we can see the lines of division disappear. Many people aren’t aware that Africans/Afroasiatic people were the first to go into America opposed to the belief that Columbus was.

There are statues that resemble those found in Africa that history won’t tell you about, as well as dark skinned and afro haired native people. I believe white people have created racism and other devices to appear a people of power. Despite their stolen inventions and tactics they still find a need to put our race down. They have tricked an entire people with alchemy to relying on them for their own livelihoods and lives in general. Now they blame us for what they’ve created such as, hoods, crime, poverty, and for being who we are as though it were a curse. When black children believe who they are is less than another, there is something psychologically wrong with us as a whole. When we learn who we are we can grow from this, we can empower ourselves then each other by re booting our minds into new thought processes. We must also recognize how white people tend to use what they deem as intelligence against us, their attempts to make us appear foolish has won too many times and now we must decide to decide for ourselves. This isn’t about white bashing, this is simply an effort to encourage black people to come together, recognize the game and finally become a player.

~ Hotep


3 thoughts on “The Attack on Blacks and What We Must Do

  1. Shout out to Lauren Hill, Asata Shakur and the woman in Florida who attempted to use the stand your ground law when she had to defend herself against her violent mate. Also great reads Brainwashed by Tom Burell, The Condemnation of Blackness by K. Muhammed and Why Racism Is a Mental Illness by C. G. Sturges.

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