Dark Girls & My Elaboration on The Subject

I enjoyed Dark Girls, and took it simply for what it was. I hope that those who watched not only learned but decided somewhere in themselves to take a step back and think about their own views on color. We for some reason find reason in perpetuating an image of perfection that is false and only damaging to ourselves.
In understanding the issue at a more narrower depth here is my hypothesis:

We have so many insecurities because of the lack of opportunity to express ourselves in a way that we believe deems acceptable by the public. Sometimes we behave negatively maybe because some of us don’t feel a need to change who we are so instead of suppressing it, its like we lash out in a psychological revolt. Which still leads us to acting outside of ourselves, haven’t yet finding it we act strong on our emotions by way of anger and violence. Some of us become what some refer to as negropeans, which is black people who’ve adopted white behaviors and thought processes. Not that I’m knocking them for this, do I agree, no, but I understand how one may feel the need to do this for economic survival. When blacks behave in this way they rob themselves of their own expression and sense of who they are even on a physical level. [skin bleaching, hair straightening, etc]. As stated in Dark Girls “What a tremendous negative energy wave, slavery was”, this has effected us so far to the core it has changed our relationships with ourselves on a metaphysical level.

The sources of entertainment that are presented to us isn’t for black people, though it may include, we are only included. Many of us are okay with this idea because we agree that lighter is better. I feel we need to know ourselves before we can truly appreciate another. When I began to seek myself through honesty within my self and history, I felt confident in who I was and now feel tremendous love and faith in the black people of the world. Slave mentality is going along with what a leader, or master sets as rule and law. We never escaped because we don’t have much of a say in what goes on in our own communities. Before we point the fingers, we need to look within ourselves and embrace what the truth is in our thought and how we appear inside and out. Our behaviors do not need defense, they need understanding. This is not me suggesting we all are mental cases and need a $300.00 per hour psychologist, I just feel we all need to do some self healing since so many of us suffer from social abuse, as well as physical and mental abuse. Many of us are still socially unaware of our position and don’t even realize the impact its had on us.

The relaxer is a prime example, many of us haven’t even realized when we were [or still are] putting these chemicals in our hair it is to change a part of who we are permanently to look further from our African roots. Some say they want a job so they will do these practices regardless of the health effects. Making money the underlying theme because you appear clean or more classy with tamed hair. If we wish to make money all we need to do is collaborate with one another after we’ve accepted each other and began to decide on healing one another. We may be one of the only races in America who do not support each other, while subsequently not knowing much of who we are and our traditions unlike others. The first step must be education to gain self worth and trust in order for us to move forward collectively passed racial themes.



3 thoughts on “Dark Girls & My Elaboration on The Subject

  1. After watching Hidden Colors and reading Brainwashed I started to understand and become saddened by the effects of not acknowledging our history has had on us as a people. This was an awesome entry. It was a cathartic read 🙂

  2. I didn’t get a chance to see it. But I heard it was really good! Colorism is a sickness in our community. We need to put an END to this division caused by self hatred. Great post sis.

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